Few Plus Points of Hydraulic Tensioners That You Must Know


There are a number of applications of hydraulic force. Suppose you hold a nut and bolt – can it can work like a spring? Yes, it can and in order to achieve that, you must stretch the assembly with great amount of force so that its joint gets clamped very firmly. If the pressure applied on the stud is too low or too high then the joint will fail. Same thing can also happen if for different studs the joint is not uniform.

If you use hydraulic tensioners together with bolt tensioning along with hydraulic stud, you will not face such problems. Your tightening method will be revolutionarily changed and all your problem of tightening the stud will be over.

Following are few advantages that you can get by switching to hydraulic tensioner and stud.

  • Accurately and repeatedly you can load the stud

The theory of operation of hydraulic based tensioner and stud is not too complicated. A very special kind of hydraulic cylinder is used for this type of hydraulic stud tensioner. The amount of force or tension that you will apply on the stud will be directly proportional to hydraulic cylinder area and the amount of hydraulic pressure which is offered by the pump used for this purpose. Since all the above parameters are very precisely monitored and controlled, it results in accurate amount of tensioning.

  • Uniform stud loading can be achieved

In some of the applications, for loading of each and every stud, few gaskets are used, which must be done in a proper manner. If you use multiple numbers of hydraulic stud tensioners then you can always get much better results and in such case, you can deal with multiple numbers of studs too. In such systems, it is possible to interconnect a number of tensioners to each other along with the pump as well. As you increase the hydraulic pressure, the tension on each stud will more or less will be the same and the flange will come together in a uniform manner.

  • Time and labor cost saving

By using multiple numbers of hydraulic stud tensioners, you will not only save considerable amount of your production hours but you will also be able to save plenty of labor cost.

Thus, you can see that by introducing hydraulic stud tensioner in your production system you can increase the productivity and profitability of your company.

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